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Ramblings of my post-graduate/post-student life (or lack thereof). On a journey of rediscovery. I fancy tea, deep conversations, and flowers. Living the active lifestyle in my sweet Hawaii Nei.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I can offer a man a lifetime. I need someone that’s going to love me the best way you should love someone — consistently. I need someone that’s going to be there whether I have a bad day, when I’m PMSing, crying cause I’m stressed, or if god forbid a loved one passes away. I need to know at the end of the day, if this person is going to be there for me. Always. Cause that’s the love I deserve. I deserve consistency and stability.

In those brief moments between my dreams and nostalgia, I hope to myself that you are doing well, that you are happy. That you know someone is sending love your way and that you believe you are worthy of love. There really is something special there and I hope you have the courage to share it, like you did with me.